Community Vanpool.

        A Great  Northern Town

Did you know there is a FREE Vanpool into Monroe every Wednesday for members of the Skykomish community? 

Please call Town Hall at 360-677-2388 and reserve a seat by 2:00pm Tuesday. Please provide your name, phone number and *pick-up location. Seats are first come, first served.

*Pick up locations:

8:30am - Town Hall
8:35am - Sky Deli
8:40am - Grotto
8:45am - Baring Store
8:50am - Index Distillery
9:00am - Gold Bar Family Grocer
9:10am - Startup
9:15am - Sultan
9:25am - Monroe

Stop options include:

Fred Meyer | Safeway | Ben Franklin | Whitfields Licensing  | Staples

 Banks | Lunch stop | Rite Aid | Walmart | Lowes | Dollar Tree | Grocery Outlet

Please note there is no eating, drinking, smoking or pets allowed in the van.